Very useful in Vaata disorders like Neuro-muscular, Orthopedic, Digestive disorders etc.

Basti can be understood as medicated enema, where medicines (medicated oils and/or decoctions) will be administered through rectal route (Anus) & toxins will be expelled out through Anus. By this procedure, correction / elimination of Vitiated / imbalanced Doshas (mainly Vata) from the body (mainly from lower part of intestine) are done.

Basti is conducted when Vata is vitiated (mainly)/ other vitiated Doshas (Pitta &/or Kapha) have come to seat of Vata.

Basti has been given very much importance for:

  • it’s fast action
  • it’s ability to eliminate Doshas from the body very easily
  • it can perform both cleansing and nourishing action over the body
  • and it can be administered for any age group.

Basti is of two types:

  • Kashayabasti- Medicinal decoction is administered through anal route
  • Sneha basti- Medicated oil / ghee is administered through anal route

Basti can be administered in cases of:

  • All kinds of Neuro-muscular, musculo – skeletal disorders like multiple joints pain, osteoporosis, different kinds of arthritis, Sciatica, Stroke, Avascular- necrosis etc
  • Digestive disorders, Constipation, Liver disorders, Ascitis
  • Various types of Uterine disorders

Mode of action of basti

In Ayurveda classics it is considered that anus is the root of our body. As a tree gets all the necessary nutrients from its root, in humans also the medicines administered here will reach all parts of the body. As Acharya Charaka says,

It is highly difficult or impossible to understand the exact mode of action of Basti. But may be ‘as there is rich supply of blood and lymph in this area (anus, rectum, and intestines), the drugs can cross through the rectal mucosa like other lipid membranes’.