Nasya is the procedure where medicines are introduced through nasal orifice, in the form of medicated oil / ghee / powder / (fresh) juices etc.

In Ayurveda, NASA (Nostrils) are the entrance for the head region. When the vitiated Doshas are situated at head and neck and causing the health disorders, then this procedure is very much beneficial.

There are two types of Nasya

Marsha Nasya

where high dosage of medicines are introduced into the nostrils. It is capable of cleansing / nourishing the systems (like nervous system, functions of some of the endocrine glands etc) in head & neck region; based on the action of medicine used.

Pratimarsha Nasya

where minimum quantity of medicines are introduced into the nostrils and which can be practiced daily for the health maintenance purpose.
Some of the health disorders which need Nasya are

  • Most of the eye diseases
  • Some kind of cold, allergies (like sinusitis etc)
  • Many types of the head aches
  • Facial paralysis, Frozen shoulder, Cervical spondylosis etc
  • Insanity, Epilepsy

Nasya gives strength to all Indriyas (mainly sensory organs)

Based on the Dosha predominance, selection of medicine (material, dosage, time of administration, additives etc) will be decided