Panchakarma therapy India

There are the 5 types of purificatory procedures which clean our body / eliminate the vitiated Doshas (toxins) by administering medicine. They are Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Nasya, Raktamokshana. The concept is to bring Doshas from all parts of the body to the Koshta i.e digestive tract and expel by inducing vomiting (vamana) or purgation (virechana). We carry out Panchakarma in classical way, with an affordable price and with financial support (subjected to Trust’s decision) .


It is medically induced vomiting, where medicines are administered orally and elimination of Vitiated / imbalanced Doshas (mainly Kapha and Pitta) from the body (mainly from stomach) is done through oral route.

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Virechana is medically induced purgation, where medicines are administered orally and elimination of Vitiated / imbalanced Doshas (mainly Pitta) from the body (mainly from intestine) is done through rectum /anal route.

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Very useful in Vaata disorders like Neuro-muscular, Orthopedic, Digestive disorders etc.

Basti can be understood as medicated enema, where medicines (medicated oils and/or decoctions) will be administered through rectal route (Anus) & toxins will be expelled out through Anus.

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Nasya is the procedure where medicines are introduced through nasal orifice, in the form of medicated oil / ghee / powder / (fresh) juices etc.

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It is the procedure in which vitiated blood is taken out by various methods.

It is very useful in the disorders of blood, when blood is vitiated by any / all of the Doshas.
(Acharya Sushruta has given very much importance for this procedure.)

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It is important to prepare the body before carrying out these Pancahkarmas. The following process is followed before carrying out the Panchakarma procedure

Snehana means Oleation or to make smooth. (मार्दव)

Also the procedure which produces Unctuousness (स्नेहन), Oozing (विष्यन्दन), Softness (मृदुत्व), and Liquidity (क्लेदन) is known as Snehana.

It is very important to make soft all the Doshas and Dhatus before selecting any cleansing procedure.

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Importance of Swedana

This procedure is very important to liquefy the vitiated Doshas inside the body (which are already made soft by oleation / स्नेहन procedure), later to be brought to Koshtha (कोष्ठ), which will be eliminated by inducing either Vamana / Virechana.

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