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Gridrasi is one among the Vataja Nanatmaja vyadhi with its one of the...

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Selection & usage of various formulations in Ayurveda

By : Dr. Shilpa S N & Dr. Prasanna Venkatesh
Ayurveda, the ancient...

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Ayurvedic clinical understanding of a case

By : Dr. Prasanna, Dr. Shilpa & Dr Pruthvi
It is very essential...

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Ayurvedic understanding of Hypertension / High Blood Pressure (B.P)

By : Dr Priyanka Shandilya & Dr Shreevathsa
Hypertension, most commonly known as ‘Blood...

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Ayurvedic understanding of Diabetes Mellitus

By : Dr. Prasanna Venkatesh & Dr. Shilpa S N
The rapid advancement...

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Medical tourism in India

By : Dr. Shilpa S N
Senior Consultant

India is a country with rich source...

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