Sriranga Ayurveda Chikitsa Mandira” is a health care unit run by the trust for its health care activities. We offer health care services for many types of emergencies with the adaptation of modern scientific technology and techniques. .

Treatments including Panchakarma are available for all sections of the society at affordable price. Specialists in different fields are available for consultation

As per Ayurveda all the health issues are due to imbalanced Dosha i.e., VATA, PITTA, KAPHA which are the three functional elements of our body. To correct the imbalance is the main object. For this correction we have,

  1. Consultations

Our consultant team consisting of knowledgeable and eminent resident and visiting doctors offer consultations for various health related issues and enquiries in general and in specific branches. Please contact for prior appointment.

  1. Out-patient based prescriptions

Some of the health issues might be of simple & recent origin, not deeply situated. Such conditions can be treated with some of the oral medicines with / with-out few simple procedures on out-patient basis.

  1. In-patient based treatments

In some of the acute or chronic health issues where the Dosha imbalance is more, complicated, deep situated, then they may require to undergo purificatory procedures called PANCHAKARMA which require continuous medical supervision. Also some of the In-patient based treatments. All the above treatments will be carefully designed by our doctors after a detailed consultation and also based on day to day follow up.

Also for preventive and health promotion reasons, person can undergo PANCHAKARMA. As Ayurveda says, it’s primary objective is “to protect the health of a healthy person”. Here we offer Seasonal cleansing programs; Immuno enhancing programs; Mother and child care; Geriatric healthcare; Corporate healthcare; Sports health etc

  1. Diet

Ayurveda gives very much importance to diet, it clearly says that “if someone is following proper dietary regimen, he doesn’t need medicine at all; if someone is not following the dietary regimen properly, only by medication he can’t get any benefits”.

So based on the health issues, customized vegetarian diet as per Ayurveda principles will be designed and provided here.

  1. YOGA (Asana – Pranayama – Meditation – Counseling)

In some of the health disorders related to stress, improper life style etc, along with Ayurveda management, many of the advises from YOGA like proper physical exercises, appropriate breathing exercises, meditation and if necessary, counseling will be designed with the guidance of experts.

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