It is the procedure in which vitiated blood is taken out by various methods.

It is very useful in the disorders of blood, when blood is vitiated by any / all of the Doshas.
(Acharya Sushruta has given very much importance for this procedure.)

Types of Raktamokshana

Disorder Type
Vata related disorders Shringa ( by using Horn of animals )
Pitta related disorders Jalooka ( Leech Therapy )
Kapha related disorders Alabu ( Dried bottle gourd )
For all the above listsed disorders & When spread all over the body Siravyadha ( Venupuncture / venesection )

Some of the health disorders which can be treated by Rakhamokshana / Blood Letting Therapy are

  • Many of the skin lesions including Psoriasis
  • Many of the joint disorders like Gouty arthritis
  • Herpes
  • Some of the eye disorders
  • Abscess, Non healing wounds