Importance of Swedana

This procedure is very important to liquefy the vitiated Doshas inside the body (which are already made soft by oleation / स्नेहन procedure), later to be brought to Koshtha (कोष्ठ), which will be eliminated by inducing either Vamana / Virechana.

There are different types by which Swedana can be conducted Based on Agni

  • By using Fire (साग्नि स्वेद)
  • Without using Fire (निरग्नि स्वेद)
  • According to area / location
  • Local sudation (ऎकाङ्ग स्वेद)
  • Whole body fomentation (सर्वाङ्ग स्वेद)
  • Based on the strength of the person and the disease
  • Mild / Gentle sudation (मृदु स्वेद)
  • Medium sudation (मध्यम स्वेद)
  • High grade / Maximum sudation (महा / तीक्ष्ण् स्वेद)

Based on the techniques, they are classified as

  • Direct Heat ( ताप स्वेद )
  • With Poultice ( उपनाह स्वेद )
  • With warm liquids ( द्रव स्वेद )
  • Steam ( ऊष्मा स्वेद )

Swedana is very useful in

  • In most of the respiratory disorders (like Cold, Cough, Dyspnoea, Asthma, Allergies, including infections)
  • Joint pains, Head aches etc
  • Musclo-skeletal disorders (Low back ache, Sciatica, Various types of Arthritis like Osteo, Rheumatoid, Gouty etc)
  • Neurological problems like Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, Quadriplegia, Bell’s palsy etc
  • In some of the Urinary problems