Out – Patient Consultation


Out – Patient Consultation







We are distinguished by the service of highly qualified doctors. Our primary focus is to ensure good health of our patients, based on the principles of classic Ayurveda (with the base of classical texts – Charaka, Sushruta and Vagbhata etc.), as a foundation to our purpose.

Keeping this as primary focus, our center is suitably equipped with consulting area to examine patients in a comfortable environment. Online consultation facility is also available for patients from different states and countries. Our consultants are specialized in diverse areas of interests and cater to your health needs

Specialty consultations are available in the following fields,

Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapies (Detoxification) Dr. Prasanna Venkatesh T S
Ayurvedic Surgeon Dr. Vipin T A
Ayurvedic Heart  care Dr. Spoorthy S Naik
Supportive Ayurveda care in Cancer , Varicose veins management Dr. Dayanand R D
Ayurveda Gynecology & Infertility Dr. Priya Prasannakumar
Ayurveda Reproductive medicine & Gharbha Smaskara Dr. Shruthi Sharma
Ayurvedic Neuro-Psychiatry & Psychotherapy Dr. Niranjan Hegde
Ayurvedic management of Chronic Kidney disease Dr. Prasanna Venkatesh T S
Ayurvedic Diabetes management Dr. Lakshmi Priya M R
Ayurvedic management in Respiratory disorders Dr. Jithendra Besati H N
Ayurvedic Hair & Cosmetic Care Dr. Arun Kumar D N

Wellness of our patients is our main priority. Medicines prescribed by our consultants are available at our pharmacy. Also medicines dispatching facility is available through courier to patients after online consultation.  We assure fast and friendly services.