11 Apr, 15:47
A male patient, 61 yrs (Case number 2904 / 17) approached us (on 16/07/2017), with the c/o fever since 4-5 days, associated with chills & body ache. Had taken oral Allopathic medicines from the nearby doctor.
Dengue confirmed on 18-07-2017, platelet count – 67500 ; approached us.
Observing Ayurvedic parameters (साम पित्त – कफ), we have prescribed Amrutarishta and Tab. Trishun. (18-07-2017)
On 20-07-2017, as the platelet count reduced to 22,000 he approached us again.
नाडी – साम पित्त-कफ but वेगयुक्त ,
मूत्र – अल्पदाह ,
C/o chills, bodyache
O/E GRBS – 614 mg/dl, (has stopped all the regular medicines since 4 days, without medical advice)

Previous history: He is a k/c/o DM 2 – 15 yrs, on regular oral Allopathic medication, poorly controlled (even with his regular medicines & periodical follow up)
K/c/o HTN since 5 yrs, on regular Allopathic medication, well controlled.
Had undergone स्नेहपान (महातिक्तक घृत) पूर्वक विरेचन during March 2017 {for h/o recurrent ulcers in the right lower limb and itching in upper limbs & scalp.}, after which all previous complaints reduced well (not reoccurred till now); even the sugar values were under good control with Ayurveda medicines like षड्धरण गुळिका, मुक्कादि गुळिका, Tab. Debix (Sandu make), Tab. लघुमालिनी वसन्त, आरग्वधादि कषाय – for शेषदोष पाचनार्थ ऽ मृदु शोधनार्थ.

After analyzing the present details as per Ayurveda, treated with गुळूच्यादि कषाय, tab. मुक्कादि गुळिका, सुदर्शन घनवटी, षडङ्गपानीय, आमलकी तलधारण.

20-07-2017 11 am 614 mg/dl
1 pm 455
4 pm 516
8 pm 368
21-07-2017 7 am 407
6 pm
BP 120 / 80 mm of Hg (constant throughout)
Platelet count
20-07-2017 7pm 40000
21-07-2017 5pm 50000

Medicine on discharge
Tab. Mukkadi gulika 1 – 1 – 1, before food
Tab. Glucomap 2 – 0 – 2, after food
Nishamalaki churna 2 – 0 – 0 tsp with warm water @ 6 am.

Note :

Ø As we see, the usage of Papaya leaves extract (in the form of fresh juice / tabs / caps / syrup etc) is not the right way to treat Dengue as per Ayurveda principles. It is better to decide the medicines based on the analysis of internal pathology (as per Ayurvedic guideline).

Ø Talam – with appropriate drug(s) when planned along with internal medicines possess quick action in controlling many of the medical emergencies.

As this is a very simple procedure to execute, even a common man can do it at home with the proper medical advice. It acts as a safety measure, until you reach your physician.