Nasya, the technique of instilling various forms of medicaments like liquid (oil or juice), powder and smoke formulations into nostrils. Most of us might be aware of the term NASYA or NASYA KARMA as one among well-known Panchakaram procedures.

As we are very well know the nose is one of sense organs, but what we not familiar is;

  1. It also serves as air filter, regulates humidity and temperature of inhaling air before it reaches lungs.
  2. Nose is the main door to reach brain (through ol factory blub or nerve). It is sensitive, vulnerable area, there isneed to protect and maintain.

Nasya has been classification seen under 3 headings i.e., according to their action/deed, quantity of drugs used, and the nature of drugs but as a part of daily practice only PRATIMARSHYA type of Nasya has been advised which is grouped under classification of quantity of drugs used. Pratimarshay nasya is of low dose and advised for sustainability as well as to improve the health status, whereas other are of high therapeutic values recommended in specific condition or diseases with lifestyle regimens and need to be executed under experts supervision.

In Pratimashya Nasay only oil media e.g., Anutaila/ Ghee, used in a very low dose, either just smearing oil into both nostrils  with little finger just dipped in oil/ghee or 2 bindu (Drop) (1bindu ~ 0.5 ml). If we are doing drop method of instilling Anutila, just sit or lie-down in a comfortable position with chin raised and head slightly tilted back. Close the Lt. nostril with a fingertip and instil 2 drops of oil (Anutaila) to Rt. nostril with gentle inhalation, similarly repeat in Lt. nostril by closing Rt. nostril. Be in the position for a 2-3 min where we start feel spreading of slight irritation and spicy or warmth feeling giving rise to mucous or watery secretions from nose or into mouth, clean the nose secretion with napkin, whereas mouth secretion need to be spit out. After a while wash face and rinse mouth with lukewarm water. Initially we might get more secretion and discomfort like nausea and watery saliva but by regular practice we accustom as well as very less secretions to cleanse.

Pratimarsha nasya is advised in all age group and doesn’t require any preparation but certain precautions are mandatory where it should not be done in person suffering from running nose, nasal catarrh, infected ENT disease, in systemic illness like indigestion, fever and who consumed alcohol.

It has been recommended to do for 17 situation like after; getting up form bed in morning, brushing teeth, exercise, sexual intercourse, walking, passing urine (micturition), laughing, vomiting, head message, defecation, nap etc., but looking in to present scenario once or twice a day will be more practice or if one wish to follow all that would be the best.

Benefits of doing Nasya regularly;

  • Improves regional circulation as lipid soluble substances has greater chance for passive absorption through the cell membrane.
  • Oil/ghee reaches junction of vessels (Shringatakamarma) supplying to Nose, Eye, Ear ,Tongue and optimize the circulation for better function of senses  as well as removes the clogging of Dosha or Mala. Oil/ ghee lubricates, nourishes and relives strain helps to prevent diseases of nose, ear, throat, head and especially para nasal diseases.
  • As it stimulate neurological pathway, hypothalamus, and regulation of hormone synthesis etc. All these multidimensional benefits contribute for regulation of circadian rhythm and state of consciousness. Facilitates an individual to care of health in terms of food and lifestyle in accordance with nature.
  • Reduces fear, anxiety, stress, and negativity of mind.
  • Nose is common port of entry of allergen, Nasyaoil forms a protective coating on nasal mucosa reduce surface of irritation and strengthen immunity leading to increased vital capacity of lungs.
  • Improve quality of voice in slurred and hoarseness voice.
  • Eradicates stiffness of muscle and joints above shoulder i.e. neck muscles and bones ( cervical), shoulder, jaw pain and head ache etc.
  • Improves quality and reduce premature greying of scalp hair.

In relation to cancer :

  • Head and neck cancer is 6th most common cancer worldwide. Most of head and neck cancer are squamous cell carcinomas that arise from the mucosal surfaces of the oral cavity, oropharynx, and larynx.
    • Nasya improved regional circulation and passive absorption through the cell membrane helps in sustain the specific gravity or viscosity of mucus secretions.
    • Excess secretion are brought back to circulation avoid clogging / stasis.
    • Helps to maintain optimum moisture of mucosal surface, so that frequency secretion reduces naturally on exposure to allergens like dust, pollen, dry or damp irritations.
  • Present lifestyle, most of us are abusing sense organs by less usage, over usage and misuse which is main cause of disease as per Ayurveda. Nasya lubricates area come in contact and regulates blood vessels supplying ear, nose, eye to that reduces stain to senses.
  • Prolong use of Prathimashaya Nasya revitalising i.e., avoid cell damage, improves quality, life span of cells and contribute for regulatingproduction of new cells.


Multidimensional capability of Nasya reinforces co-ordination between body and mind to work in accordance, endorses optimal function of individual organ/ system with in and in relation with other organs/ system to perform their function efficiently for integrity, in total to optimize immunity.


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