Panchakarma is a whole body cleansing (shuddhi) procedure which proves to be at most beneficial before conception. Just as Panchakarma is meant for whole body, Uttara Basti is meant for local purification of UTERUS. It has got a prominent role in pre – conceptional care.

Uttara basti is a procedure wherein medicated ghee or oil is introduced into the uterine cavity. It is a special procedure mentioned in Ayurveda for treating problems of uterus. As the name suggests it is Uttara – superior form of Basti as explained in derivation of the term. Since it is given such an importance in Ayurveda, the procedure definitely has unique kind of benefits to uterus.

Importance of Uttara Basti in Garbha samskara

In Garbha Samskara the goal is to achieve healthy pregnancy & healthy baby at the end of pregnancy. Of course normal delivery process is also one of the aims of Garbha Samskara. To achieve all these factors uterus has to be healthy & strong. Uttara basti not only cleanses uterus but it also can be a nourishing procedure. It is highly beneficial in the process of strengthening the uterus.

Benefits of Uttara Basti

It is a distinct therapy mentioned for the management of Gynecological disorders & infertility. In normal cases, it can also be utilized in Garbha samskara to attain following benefits,

  • To cleanse the uterus (garbhashaya shuddhi)
  • To remove increased Doshas or to regularize the imbalanced Doshas
  • To provide nourishment & strength to uterus.

Many times local causative factors in the uterus will be responsible for infertility or abortions like unhealthy endometrium, tubal block, cervical factors or ovulatory causes. Uttara basti is the procedure indicated in all these problems.

Health of uterus is vital as it holds & supports the fetus & provides nutrition to growing embryo in the antenatal period. It also has to sustain all kinds of mechanical stretch, stress & strain during delivery. For the uterus to be able to bear all these changes going on during pregnancy & delivery, it has to be strong enough. Uttara basti will definitely provide the needed support & strength to uterus if appropriately planned and done before conception.


Method of implementation

In general, during Garbha Samskara after initial body purification (shareera shodhana) through Panchakarma, Uttara basti is done in females for 3 cycles.

Usually it is done after the cessation of menstrual flow (after 6th day). All necessary aseptic precautions have to be taken before administering the medicine to uterus. It has to be done with utmost care & caution.

Suitable medications in the form of ghee or oil are selected according to the condition of the women. Medications that are usually used include Kshara taila, Shatapushpa taila, Shatavari taila, Mahanarayana taila, Shatavari ghruta, Phala ghruta, Kalyanaka ghruta etc.

1st cycle

It is meant for Shodhana or cleansing the Doshas from the uterus.

2nd cycle

It is meant for Shamana or pacifying the remaining Doshas.

3rd cycle

It is meant for Brumhana or providing nourishment to the uterus.

Properly executed Uttara basti proves to be a fundamental step in Garbha Samskara with all its positive benefits to conceiving women.


(Author : Dr. Shilpa S. N, Senior consultant, Sriranga Ayurveda Chikitsa Mandira

Healthcare unit of Prakruthi Ayurveda Pratistana ®, Mysore – 23)