Facilities for Panchakarma treatment

Sriranga Ayurveda chikitsa mandira is the health care unit of Prakruthi Ayurveda Prathishtana ®, a charitable trust working for Ayurveda.

Here we provide facilities for Panchakarma treatment on both inpatient and out patient basis @ affordable prizes. It is open for all doctors.

Doctors can make use of these facilities for their patients.

There are 3 options to utilize these,

  1. You can refer the patients who need Panchakarma. Consultants in our centre will decide & execute suitable treatments.
  2. You can decide the Panchakarma needed & the medicines with which has to be done. We will follow your instructions & carry out the treatment.
  3.  You can even utilize our set up & perform the treatments personaly on your patients.