Backpain management in Ayurveda


Backpain management in Ayurveda

With the changing times even the nature of jobs are changing. From the physically strenuous hard works the jobs are gradually being shifted to white collared & require long term sitting in front of computers / laptops. Result is mechanical strain on the back muscles leading to backache. Backache is one of the most common problems for which the patients approach the doctor.


Various factors may lead to backache like starting from simple muscle sprains, trauma causing local injury, slip disc, disc prolapse, disc herniations, degenerative changes in the bone or serious pathologies like osteomylities, cancer etc. Even the management of the disease varies according to the reason being traced.


Pain killers especially NSAID’s are extensively used in the treatment of backache in Allopathic medicine. Physiotherapy or traction will be suggested in certain patients. Certain conditions are also advised surgery as a treatment option. But can Ayurveda provide better treatment options, let’s find out.

How Ayurvedic management can be unique?

Like any other disease, Ayurveda treats even backache from the root level i.e., identifying the reason for it rather than treating it symptomatically with pain killers. The doshic imbalance in the body is assessed & importance is given to balancing them in the whole body rather than treating the condition locally.

      • Just local Abhyanga (oil massage) may be sufficient in certain backache. Numerous kinds of medicated oils like Dhanwantara taila, Sahacharadi taila, Narayana taila, Pinda taila etc., are being told in the classics to suit different health needs.
      • Wide range of options in Sweda are given which are to be selected according to the condition – Nadi sweda, Patra pinda sweda, Valuka sweda, Sarvanga Dhaara, Lepa etc.
      • Local treatments like Kati basti proves to be very useful in most of the conditions.
      • Many cases will require Panchakarmas especially Vamana, Virechana & Basti treatments to remove the doshas which are responsible for the pain.
      • Even after the treatment certain Rejuvenating drugs can be prescribed which help to prevent the recurrence of the pain & give strength to the back.
      • Oral medications including kashaya, churna, vati etc., will be needed along with other treatment procedures.


In this way, Ayurveda can treat / manage the condition of back pain effectively with suitable mediations & procedures available & also provide guidance regarding the diet & life style changes required for the patients suffering from chronic backache.

By – Dr. Shilpa. S.N , Senior consultant, Sriranga Ayurveda chikitsa mandira, Mysore.