• They should be from Karnataka state.
  • Age limit 30 – 45 yrs (slightly flexible).
  • They should be highly dedicated to Ayurveda & worked to promote Ayurveda in any of these aspects – teaching, practice or research.
  • They should be involved in regular study & practice of Ayurveda.
  • They should be inspiring to others & should have motivated others (students or fellow practitioners) to study & practise Ayurveda.
  • Their works in the field of Ayurveda should be of social concern & useful to the society.
  • In the field of research, the work they have done should be contributing to the society.
  • Researchers who have done useful works in the field of Ayurveda & successfully adopting them in other fields like – horticulture (vrukshaayurveda), veterinary (pashuaayurveda), diary, hotel industry etc will be specially considered.

Send your nominations to email id : info@ayurvedamysore.org before 30-10-2015