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  • Abstract should be in concise form regarding the understanding of CKD in Ayurveda, line of Rx based on the logic & management as per Ayurveda.
  • Abstract should be within 500 words with 1.15 spacing between lines.
  • Please keep space in between two paragraphs
  • Title of the topic should be specific and concise.
  • Font – Times New Roman, Font Size – 12
  • Bold letters for Title
  • Normal letters for body of the Abstract
  • Use Italic letters for Ayurvedic terms









Keywords: Use words to describe your topic of presentation. Words should be separated by comma

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Paper & Poster Presentation @ 1 day STATE LEVEL SEMINAR on Nov 15th Sunday

To the notice of interested participants –

The last date to submit abstracts for paper & poster presentation has been extended till 15th October.

As the University exams are scheduled in October, on the request of interested participants, the last date to submit abstracts has been extended.

Our ultimate purpose is fruitful discussion regarding Chronic Kidney Disease which should be applied practically.

Hence apart from competition, any useful presentations regarding the subject which are based on logic & treating experience are welcome.

We request you to inform this to all Ayurveda doctors in your contact.