Everyone wants a baby with best qualities – beautiful physical features & genius mental ability with a potential to become a great citizen. We think of imbibing these qualities in a child right from birth or once its development starts.

But where actually should it start ?

From antenatal care i.e., when a baby is in the womb of the mother???

No !!!

It should start from the prenatal period itself!!!!

That is where Garbha Samskara starts.

What is Garbha Samskara?

Garbha Samskara includes all the efforts undertaken to conceive & get a best progeny.

Garbha Samskara is a unique scientific way of planning the pregnancy to achieve healthy baby.

It has benefits both to mother & baby.

The goal of garbha samskara is to ensure healthy & happy motherhood during pregnancy & healthy baby at the end of pregnancy.

It includes adoption of Ayurveda, Yoga, Jyothishya, Sangeetha & other Indian sciences to achieve this goal.

Ayurveda  suggests,

  • the physical & mental preparation of couples body & mind before conception
  • antenatal care – diet & routine to be followed during pregnancy by expectant mother
  • medicines if necessary to support pregnancy of treat any complications during pregnancy
  • care during delivery
  • post natal care
  • neonatal care
  • paediatric care

Yoga suggests,

  • pranayama for nadi shuddhi before conception
  • asanas for each month for proper fetal development
  • pranayama during pregnancy

Jyothishya (Medical astrology) suggests,

  • Suitable time for garbhaadhana yajna before conception
  • Timing for garbhaadhana vidhi
  • Timing for Pumsavana & Seemantonayana samskaras

Pourohitya helps to execute these samskaras.

Sangeetha (Music therapy) suggests

  • which raga has to be heard in what month of pregnancy
  • which kind of instrument has to be heard & at what time

Hence Garbha Samskara is a comprehensive care given by a team of professional experts of various fields. 

Garbha Samskara includes,

  • Garbhadana poorva samskara – Pre – conceptional
  • Garbhaadana Samskara – During Conception
  • Sagarbha Samskara – Antenatal / During Pregnancy
  • Samskara to garbha – To fetus

Note : All these explanations are inspired by the sessions done by Dr.Hitesh Jani, Dr.Karishma Narvani & team. Special thanks to his whole team.

(Author: Dr. Shilpa S. N, Senior consultant, Sriranga Ayurveda Chikitsa Mandira, Healthcare unit of Prakruthi Ayurveda Pratistana ®, Mysore – 23)